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Dr Sana Suri, DPhill and Alzheimer's Society Research Fellow has become a Principal Investigator and begun the Heart and Brain Group, this year.

Image shows group of people smiling.

Dr Suri leads the Heart and Brain Group in the Department of Psychiatry. Having first joined the department as an MSc student, Dr Suri says, "I'm delighted to be leading my own research group, the Heart and Brain Group. I am very excited for this next stage in my research career."

As part of her Alzheimer's Society Research Fellowship, Dr Suri is leading the second phase of the Whitehall II Imaging Sub-study with a focus on novel vascular and neuroimaging scans. 


My group combines multi-modal MR and ultrasound imaging to study risk and resilience for dementia. We use population neuroimaging cohorts such as the UK Biobank and EU Lifebrain to investigate how lifestyle and genetic risk interact to influence cognitive decline. Ultimately, we hope that by understanding the link between cardiovascular and brain health, we can identify both how and when in the lifespan preventative interventions for dementia may be most effective.Dr Sana Suri, Department of Psychiatry.


More information available on The Heart and Brain Group page.




Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.