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BACKGROUND: In sub-Saharan Africa, common mental disorders (CMDs) like depression and anxiety are under-investigated amongst young people living with HIV (YLWH). To address the gap, in Kenya we: a) determined the prevalence of CMDs among YLWH compared to their uninfected peers; b) investigated HIV status as an independent predictor of CMDs in young people; c) investigated CMDs risk and protective indicators with more focus on YLWH. METHODS: Between November 2018 and September 2019, 819 young people aged 18-24 years (407 HIV-infected) were recruited from two Counties on the Kenyan coast. Locally adapted pre-existing mental health measures, Patient Health Questionnaire (9-item) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale (7-item), were administered among other questionnaires via audio computer-assisted self-interview. Logistic regression was used to determine the correlates of CMDs. RESULTS: Prevalence of CMDs was significantly elevated among YLWH compared to their uninfected peers i.e. 29% vs. 12%; p 

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Journal article


BMC Psychiatry

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Common mental disorders, Correlates, HIV infections, Prevalence, Young people