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In the previous study, whole-body cryotherapy (WBC)+static stretching (SS) has been shown to reduce the severity of some symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) noted just after the therapy. Here we consider the effects of treatment and explore the sustainability of symptom improvements at four weeks (one-month) follow-up. Twenty-two CFS patients were assessed one month after WBC + SS programme. Parameters related to fatigue (Chalder Fatigue Questionnaire (CFQ), Fatigue Impact Scale (FIS), Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS)), cognitive function (Trial Making test part A and B (TMT A and TMT B and its difference (TMT B-A)), Coding) hemodynamic, aortic stiffness (aortic systolic blood pressure (sBP aortic)) and autonomic nervous system functioning were measured. TMT A, TMT B, TMT B-A and Coding improved at one month after the WBC + SS programme. WBC + SS had a significant effect on the increase in sympathetic nervous system activity in rest. WBC + SS had a significant, positive chronotropic effect on the cardiac muscle. Peripheral and aortic systolic blood pressure decreased one month after WBC + SS in comparison to before. Effects of WBC + SS on reduction of fatigue, indicators of aortic stiffness and symptoms severity related to autonomic nervous system disturbance and improvement in cognitive function were maintained at one month. However, improvement in all three fatigue scales (CFQ, FIS and FSS) was noted in 17 of 22 patients. In addition, ten patients were treated initially but they were not assessed at 4 weeks, and are thus not included in the 22 patients who were examined on follow-up. The overall effects of WBC + SS noted at one month post-treatment should be interpreted with caution.

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Autonomic nervous system, CFS, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Cognitive function, Cold therapy, Cryotherapy, ME/CFS, Myalgic encephalomyelitis