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Emma Osborne

BA (Oxon), MRes

Research Assistant

  • People & Culture committee member & Co-Chair of the Academic Career Development Working Group

I am contributing to the development of evidence-based psychological treatments for eating disorders. This includes developing a new digital (delivered online via website and mobile application) self-help programme for recurrent binge eating, which has been derived from enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT-E). This digital treatment aims to be a highly personalised (matches and adapts to the needs of individuals) and engaging intervention that reduces barriers to uptake and completion.

Alongside this work, I am completing my PhD in Psychology at the University of Bath. My focus is on optimising digital mindfulness-based intervention in the context of improving risk and protective factors for disordered eating.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology at St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, and my research master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Bath. My master’s thesis examined the effects of two metacognitive components of mindfulness on risk factors for disordered eating. Before my masters, I worked at the Oxford University BabyLab. My role involved leading testing for projects on sleep and lexicalisation, language-mediated visual attention, and cross-language semantic priming in 4–30-month-olds.

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