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Lara Bolte

BSc Psychology, MSc Psychology, MSc Neuroscience


I am a DPhil Student at the Department of Psychiatry, under the supervision of Prof Philip McGuire and Dr George Gifford. My DPhil is funded by the Stratification & Treatment in Early Psychosis (STEP) programme, and further compromises data from two additional large-scale, multi-centre studies: EUropean network of national schizophrenia networks studying Gene-Environment Interactions (EU-GEI) and PSYSCAN.

My doctoral research aims to identify biomarkers that can effectively predict distinct disease trajectories in the early stages of psychosis. To achieve this, I am employing a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach, utilising normative modelling, diffusion imaging, and patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). 

Prior to starting my DPhil, I completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Trier, followed by a MSc in Psychology at Bielefeld University and University of Tromsø. I also obtained an additional MSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London. I then joined the University of Oxford and worked as a Research Assistant in the Brain & Cognition Lab with Prof Kia Nobre.