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Rongqin Yu

BSc, MSc, DPhil

Post-Doctoral Researcher

  • Rubicon Fellowship Sponsored Researcher

My research focuses on examining the link between mental illnesses and criminal behaviours. I am currently working in Professor Seena Fazel's Forensic Psychiatry group, investigating the links between depression and violence. Increasing evidence suggests that depression is associated with a heightened risk of violent behaviours. Important questions remain regarding whether the depression-violence link varies with individuals’ developmental phases. Moreover, it is currently not known under what circumstances depressed individuals commit violent acts against others and for which depressed individuals the risk for violent acts is highest. I attempt to address these knowledge gaps.

Another major focus of my work is on person-environment interactive processes. In particular, I investigate links between individual characteristics (personality traits and stress sensitivity) and different forms of antisocial behaviours. I also examine whether factors such as biological markers (cortisol) and genetic liability can make people differentially susceptible to neighborhood environments and social relationships including best friendships and intimate partnerships.

Our recent paper on Depression and Violence in Adolescents and Young Adults can be found at: (open access)  

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