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Verena Hinze


Academic visitor

I am a visiting Research Master student from Leiden University (The Netherlands) with a specialisation in clinical and health psychology. I am currently involved in the Mindlock Project, with a focus on both clinical work and research into mechanisms underpinning persistent suicidal vulnerability. In this project, I am involved in a wide range of studies at different stages of the research process from planning the data collection to clinical work, outreach activities, and dissemination of findings.


As part of my Master thesis I am investigating whether mindfulness training – as taught in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) – initiate measureable changes in autobiographic memory specificity in people with a history of recurrent suicidal depression, in comparison to cognitive psychoeducation and usual care. Based on cognitive theories and empirical research emphasizing the relationship between autobiographic memory retrieval and an individual’s sense of self, I explore cognitive biases underlying the potential effect of MBCT on autobiographic memory specificity. This knowledge can aid our understanding of the ways through which mindfulness training may lead to clinically significant improvements in recurrent suicidal depression. Along with an increasing understanding, a first step can be made towards optimizing treatment by targeting these potential mechanisms.


I have a Bachelor degree in psychology from Leiden University and I am pursing a DPhil in psychiatry. I am interested in a translational approach to clinical phenomena, and I am particularly interested in the role of self-perception, attentional biases and self-compassion in recurrent suicidal depression.

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