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Amina Abubakar

Associate Professor and Honorary Research Fellow

Alexandra Almeida

Research Manager

Rita Baião

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Sarah Bauermeister

Senior Data & Science Manager, Dementias Platform UK

Jessica Bird

Research Clinical Psychologist & NIHR Research Fellow

Sven Braeutigam

MEG Physicist

Katy Burke

Clinical Researcher

Liliana Capitao

NIHR Project Manager/Research Coordinator

Emma Cernis

Wellcome Trust Clinical Doctoral Fellow & Honorary Clinical Psychologist

Nicola Collett

Clinical Psychologist and Trial Coordinator

Louise Dalton

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Angharad De Cates

Wellcome Doctoral Training Fellow

Riccardo De Giorgi

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Fellow

Teresa Delgado-Goni

Postdoctoral Researcher

Rowan Diamond

Research Clinical Psychologist

Dejan Draschkow

Postdoctoral research fellow

Marco Fernandes

PostDoctoral Researcher

Josephine Fielding

Clinical Researcher

Nicola Filippini


Yvonne Fonken

Postdoctoral Fellow

Valeria Frighi

Senior Clinical Researcher

Galit Geulayov

Study coordinator/Data analyst

Beata Godlewska

Clinical Researcher, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

Sarah Goodday

Postdoctoral researcher

Cassandra Gould van Praag

Open Science Community Engagement Coordinator

Nicola Hall

Postdoctoral researcher

Adrian Hayes

Academic Clinical Fellow

Louise Isham

Research Clinical Psychologist & NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow

Lalitha Iyadurai

Research Clinical Psychologist

Christoph Jindra

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, ROADMAP

Marie Johansson

MBCT Teacher/Coordinator

Nils Kolling

Research Fellow

Ivan Koychev

Clinical Lecturer

Sinead Lambe

Research Clinical Psychologist

Amy Langman

Clinical Psychologist

Sapfo Lignou

Postdoctoral Researcher

Liz Lord

School Liaison MYRIAD research project

David Lyreskog

Postdoctoral Researcher

Karen Mansfield

Research Scientist

Alex McKeown

Postdoctoral Fellow

Rebecca Murphy

Senior Research Clinician

Susannah Murphy

NIHR Oxford Health BRC Senior Research Fellow

Rosemary Musesengwa

Postdoctoral Researcher

Danielle Newby

Postdoctoral Researcher

Francesca Nicholls

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Elizabeth Nuthall

Trial Manager

Tapio Paljarvi


Gabriela Pavarini

Postdoctoral Researcher

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