This book assembles short reviews from experts in the field to chart the various psychiatric syndromes known in Parkinson's disease, their presentation, etiology and management. - (1) Epidemiology of Psychiatric Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease - Leentjens, A.F.G. (Maastricht) - (2) Depression, Apathy and Anxiety Disorders - Brockman, S.; Jayawardena, B.; Starkstein, S.E. (Crawley, W.A.) - (3) Apathy in Parkinson’s Disease - Leroi, I. (Manchester/Blackburn); David, R. (Palo Alto, Calif./Nice); Robert, P. (Nice) - (4) Disorders of Visual Perception in Parkinson’s Disease and Other Lewy Body Disorders - Collerton, D. (Gateshead); Mosimann, U.P. (Bern); Archibald, N. (Newcastle upon Tyne) - (5) Psychosis and Parkinson’s Disease - Jakel, R.J.; Stacy, M.A. (Durham, N.C.) - (6) Sleep in Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies - Ferman, T.J. (Jacksonville, Fla.); Boeve, B.F. (Rochester, Minn.) - (7) Sexual Problems in Parkinson’s Disease - Sakakibara, R. (Sakura/Chiba); Uchiyama, T.; Yamamoto, T. (Chiba); Kishi, M.; Ogawa, E.; Tateno, F. (Sakura) - (8) An Update on Impulse Control Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease - Voon, V.; Mehta, A.R. (Cambridge) - (9) Neuropsychological Features of Early Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease - Williams-Gray, C.H.; Mason, S.L. (Cambridge) - (10) Parkinson’s Disease with Dementia - Taylor, J.-P.; O’Brien, J.T. (Newcastle upon Tyne) - (11) Somatoform Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies Evidence Underlying Psychotic Traits - Onofrj, M.; Thomas, A.; Bonanni, L.; di Giannantonio, M.; Gambi, F.; Sepede, G. (Chieti) - (12) Drug-Induced Parkinsonism and Abnormal Involuntary Movements - Ritchie, C.W. (London)




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