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The new Experimental Medicine and Industry Partnership (EMIP) is led by Professor Catherine Harmer and Dr Susannah Murphy. It supports commercial organisations which are looking to implement experimental medicine approaches in their psychiatric treatment development programmes. The aim of the partnership, which is supported through the NIHR Oxford Health BRC, is to help bring scientific drug developments to the people who need them through best-in-world research and investigation.

A partnership between the University of Oxford, the Earlham Institute, Biogen Inc and Boehringer Ingelheim was announced this year. It was the first project funded by the international Psychiatry Consortium. The aim of the partnership is to investigate a new drug target for the treatment of schizophrenia. Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Dr Arne Mould is leading the project.

A multimillion-pound collaboration between the Diabetes Trials Unit, the Department of Psychiatry and Novo Nordisk is leading a new study to test a diabetes drug, semaglutide, to see if it can change the course of the earliest changes that happen in the brains of people at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. The research, led by Dr Ivan Koychev from the Department of Psychiatry and Dementias Platform UK, is being funded by Novo Nordisk.