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Welcome to the Team


Kam Bhui   Professor of Psychiatry, Principal Investigator                 
Isabelle Butcher           Postdoctoral Researcher
Mina Fazel  Co-Investigator, Professor of Adolescent Psychiatry
Gabriela Pavarini Co-Investigator
Harsimran Sansoy Project Manager
Ben Teasdale  Research Assistant


Eunice Ma                                     Provost, Co-Principal Investigator
Karen Brett Senior Lecturer
Flick Broadley  Game Animator
Ellie Dawes Junior Communications Officer 
Jamie Jones  Writer and Game Designer 
Tanya Krzywinska
Co-Investigator, Professor of Digital Games
Anna Mankee Williams                   
Co-Investigator, Senior Research Fellow Innovation and Technology in Health and Care
Katharine Nicholls Senior Lecturer, Animation

Ruth Pethybridge

Senior Lecturer, Dance

Graham Smith

Games Programmer


Luke Allder Postdoctoral Researcher                                               
Chloe Farahar  Postdoctoral Researcher
Annette Foster Postdoctoral Researcher
Nicola Shaughnessy Co-Investigator, Professor of Performance      


Paul Cooke Co-Investigator, Professor and Centenary Chair of World Cinemas
Siobhan Hugh-Jones          Co-Investigator, Associate Professor in Mental Health Psychology    
Kier Harris PhD Student 

Centre for Mental Health

Kadra Abdinasir                          

Co-Investigator, Associate Director of Children and Young People's Mental Health   

Kings college London

Craig Morgan         Co-Investigator, Professor of Social Epidemiology

kings college london and south london and maudsley nhs trust

Lindsay Smith  Clinical Psychologist                                   

Queen mary university of london

Georgina Hosang               

Co-Investigator, Senior Lecturer in Mental Illness and Chronic Diseases

Sania Shakoor

Co-Investigator, Lecturer in Mental Health 

Laura Havers 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ruichong Shuai

Postdoctoral Researcher

Theatre troupe

Emily Hunka              Founder, Artistic Director and Co-CEO of Theatre Troupe

university college london

Daisy Fancourt Co-Investigator, Associate Professor Behavioural Science and Health
Peter Fonagy                          Co-Investigator, Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

University of greenwich

Paul McCrone         Co-Investigator, Professor of Healthcare Economics

Young People Cornwall

Nick Smith       Co-Investigator, Young People Cornwall