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ATTUNE Events 

Investigator event 9th february 2023 

In February, the ATTUNE investigators attended a day event at Egrove Park, Oxford. It was the first in person event since 2021! The day was filled with informative presentations, insightful discussions and produced numerous ideas for future collaborations between work packages and disciplines. Anna Mankee-Williams and Nicola Shaughnessy led a fun speed dating exercise to discuss the positives and challenges faced in interdisciplinary practices and opportunities for collaborations, future bids and publications. Paul Cooke brought his film equipment and took turns interviewing the team during the day - keep an eye out for the footage!

'Seen and Heard' 25-26th July 2022 

At the end of July, the Oxford YPAG attended a film training session in Oxford with Paul Cooke, producing lots of exciting outputs to use for ATTUNE, followed by punting. On the 26th, a hybrid session with YPAG members from Oxford, Falmouth, Kent and Leeds took place. The members engaged in discussion about moments in their lives where they felt seen and heard and moments when they did not, and how they could use this to support one another. The Oxford YPAG did a brilliant job facilitating despite some technical difficulties!

After the session, the YPAG members produced guides on running a hybrid event based on the feedback from YPAG members (like starting early to figure out any technical bugs!) and collated the seen and heard moments into a report to circulate with the ATTUNE team.